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Customer Testimonials

Feb 2, 2015

I am quite satisfied with Safe PST Backup. It is very flexible and the scheduler is quite intuitive. Sometimes I even forget about it, but when i need it is always there. Thank you for this great product 4team.

Adam, USA

Oct 7, 2014

Few weeks ago my OS crashed with all my data, there was a virus or something like this. I have a little family bussiness with all my contacts in Outlook. Thanks God and Safe PST Backup, I was backuping all data to external hdd. It is really important to have a copy of all your bussiness or important personal data.

Smith M., USA

June 25, 2013

Using the free version, all good & well. pity you can't backup .ost files with the free version... but .pst files are backed up well and when importing them everything seems to be fine, no errors. so very good for a free tool.

Eric Lyon, USA

Mar 30, 2013

I've been looking for a clean easy way to backup my pst files for years. Just found this, so I installed it, and within a couple of minutes I was performing my first backup. Every time I check, all my files are right there, in pst format, ready to go if my main system crashes.

James Blanton, USA

Dec 15, 2012

I've been using the free version for some time now, and I've purchased the Enterprise Edition to be able to create history backups. I love the idea of having multiple restore points. It's like backing up your backups also - everything's ultra safe and if you set the retention settings, it will take only as much space as you allocate for it. Great product!

Brandon Wilson, USA

Dec 9, 2012

I've just recently purchased the latest version of Safe PST Backup, 2.10, and after having purchased my first license for this software a couple of years back, I can really tell that this company is doing a great job of improving constantly their products! I've been using Safe PST backup for a long time and I want to have the latest version since it's a good investment for keeping my data safe. Thanks and keep up the great work!

James Parsons, USA

Jul 28, 2012

(...)The PST file is the lifeblood of Outlook, the holding tank for all your contacts, calendar entries, email messages, and so on.

A deleted or damaged PST? Disaster.

No doubt you're already backing up your data, but have you taken PST precautions? If not, check out Safe PST Backup, a free utility that will automatically archive both Exchange folders and PST files. It supports incremental backups and works whether Outlook is running or not. (...)

Seriously, if you do nothing else to make Outlook easier to live with, make sure a hosed PST file doesn't bring down your entire operation. Back it up!(...)

Read more... Rick Broida, PCWorld

Mar 9, 2012

I find Safe PST Backup analogous to sports where the mark of a good referee is that you barely notice their presence. The job is getting done quietly in the background and if not for the icon on the desktop you could forget the application is even there. Just don't have a need for the enterprise edition at the moment, but should the need present itself I would not hesitate to purchase, nor would I hesitate to recommend the product to others who were looking for backup solutions that the enterprise version offers.

Hollis Nelson, USA

Feb 15, 2011

Great product. I've tried other Outlook backup software and it didn't backup all information correctly and I needed to move all the information manually. This worked well and was easy to use.
Thank you

Gavin Therrien, USA

Feb 7, 2011

To save time and space the program makes only one complete copy of the first backup - a process that, depending on the amount of data, can take considerable amount of time. The subsequent backups copies only modified or newly added items (incremental backups). It saves time and space.

John Phillips, USA

Feb 3, 2011

The interface can hardly be simpler: it suggests a suitable backup location; use the Start Backup button, and the program will complete backup automatically. Unlike many other backup tools Safe PST Backup successfully managed to copy PST files even if Outlook was opened.

Kate Rogers, USA

Jan 27, 2011

Works great and is easy to use. It works with native Outlook PST format which allows me to transfer Outlook to another PC. Once set up does everything automatically. Recommend for everyone using Outlook.

Michael D. Barker, USA
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Customer Testimonials
Works great and is easy to use. It works with native Outlook PST format which allows me to transfer Outlook to another PC. Once set up does everything automatically. Recommend for everyone using Outlook."
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