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Version History

March 1, 20192.80Major Update

The update includes a lot of issue fixes that were reported by our customers. Also, a new feature has been added – Monitoring Service can now be password protected.

Functional Updates

  • Monitoring Service can now be protected with password. In case Monitoring Service is password protected – password must be entered when attempting to connect using Administrator Tool.
  • Improved application functionality with Outlook 2019.
  • Improved application logging.

Issues Fixed

  • When using the “PSTToBackup” parameter, specified file names will no longer need be case sensitive.
  • Administrator Tool would close unexpectedly when activated Safe PST Backup client is removed.
  • Application would not work correctly when using a specific Insider Preview Windows version.
  • Improved the functionality of “LimitBackupCount” parameter.
  • Application would close unexpectedly when backing up IMAP data in some scenarios.

October 5, 20182.72Major Update

The updated version of Safe PST Backup will backup calendar events and tasks even with the latest 2018 Windows October Update.

September 25, 20182.71Major Update

The update includes a lot of fixes reported by our customers. Most importantly – application installation procedure was improved.

Functional Updates

  • Notifications logic for Administrator about the failed backup was improved.
  • Additional message has been added when starting the application, that is displayed if Outlook is installed, but no Outlook profile is setup.

Issues Fixed

  • If folder redirection for Windows User Profile folders was enabled – backup would not start.
  • Unable to configure email sending via Admin Tool using SMTP that doesn’t require authentication.

January 24, 20182.70Major Update

New Safe PST Backup version has improved Folder Selection dialog, a new option to include / exclude new folders from backup and select/deselect folders for backup just with one click. Furthermore, couple new configuration parameters were introduced as well to fine tune the scope of each backup to specific folders only or even specific item type only.

Functional Updates

  • Added option to include or exclude the newly created folders from the backup (Backup new folders option) into the Folder Filter dialog.
  • Improved folder selection dialog – added the ability to Select / Deselect all folders at once.
  • New configuration parameter was introduced in this version – “FolderToBackup” – which is used when user wants to backup only the specific folders - this parameter overrides all other settings.
  • Also “FolderClassToBackup” which explicitly defines what folder type should be backed up only, disregarding all other settings.

September 6, 20172.64Major Update

This update focus is the bring 1 installation file for Enterprise and Free Editions to solve issues that are related to the user experience. Besides that, introducing couple functional updates and several bug fixes that came as requests from our clients.

Functional Updates

  • There are no separate installation packages for the Enterprise and Free Editions. From now on there is one installation file for Safe PST Backup product, where activated version acts as previous Enterprise Edition and not activated one as a Free Edition.
  • A backup retry logic improved and now when the backup has failed, we will retry performing backup. The parameters on how many times and in what periods of time can be specified in the configuration file RetryFailedBackup and RetryInterval parameters. By default, 1 retry in 5 minutes.
  • Admin Tool improvement - now we are displaying the count of workstations currently shown in the list. Count is updated if filters are applied.

Issues Fixed

Safe PST Backup Issues:

  • Safe PST Backup would fail to backup password protected files in case Outlook is closed.
  • When updating Free version via 4Team Updater, it would download Enterprise Edition instead.
  • Several cosmetic and low severity issues as well.

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