Getting Started with Safe PST Backup

In case you need a custom Microsoft Outlook and Exchange server backup solution, please contact us, and we will develop the custom tool to meet your requirements and needs. Please fill this questionnaire to help us understand your needs and we will contact you as soon as possible.

This guide will walk you through the first steps of setting up Safe PST Backup.

It contains two main sections:

  • 3 short videos to help you get started with Safe PST Backup Free
  • A starting guide to deploying and configuring Safe PST Enterprise

Getting started with Safe PST Backup Free:

More videos:

Getting started with Safe PST Backup Enterprise:

1. Acquiring the license:

2. Download the Safe PST Backup by clicking here.

In case you want to install Safe PST Backup on several workstations on your network from the administrators computer, contact us, and we will send you a MSI Installer Package.

3. Install the Safe PST Backup - double click the downloaded setup file and follow the instructions after the setup Wizard starts. In case you want to install Safe PST Backup on several machines at once, click here to learn more about how to deploy MSI file using Windows Group Policy tools or contact your network administrator.

4. Activate your license - right click the software icon in the notification area (system tray), select About Safe PST Backup, click Activate... and enter your Activation Code in the Activation Code field.

5. Safe PST Backup Options -

Safe PST Backup Options available from user interface

Safe PST Backup Options available from user interface.

If you are looking for a full Outlook or Exchange backup customization, please refer to the introduction to advanced options. The advanced options are specified using Safe PST Backup configuration files.

Safe PST Backup advanced configuration options:

You can create one shared configuration file for several or even hundreds of PCs or use a separate configuration file located on hard drives of every computer.

You can run Safe PST Backup using command line parameters. It could be used to create your own custom scripts.

Command line parameters:

spbCmdRun.exe ? | start [/onFinish=unload|shutdown|nothing] | stop | break | unload | reloadconfig

To learn more about configuring and using Safe PST Backup, click here to download Safe PST Backup Administrative Guide.

6. The Mcrosoft Outlook backup process

You can start the backup manually by clicking “Start Backup” on the main Safe PST Backup dialog or schedule an automatic Outlook backup from Safe PST Backup Options. Please, bear in mind, that Microsoft Outlook 2013 saves data from most account types like Exchange Server,, Google Gmail and IMAP to OST files. If for any reason you lose access to these accounts, in many cases you won’t be able to access data in that OST file any more, as Outlook doesn’t allow viewing data directly from an OST file that is not linked to the account. To learn more about how to backup OST files, please proceed to the following paragraph “Backup Outlook OST files”.

To start the backup manually from the administrator PC, use the command line or your custom script. Use the configuration file to schedule the backup remotely on client PC.

Please note that the first backup process can take some time depending on the size of your PST or OST file, but the subsequent backups will copy only modified or newly added items (incremental backup). The backup will be done in the background regardless of whether Outlook is running or not.

Backup Outlook OST files*

To back up Offline Outlook Data File ( .OST) go to Safe PST Backup Options and check the box to show Exchange folders in the list. When the files appear in the list, just select the ones you need from the Safe PST Backup Options (all checked by default). If you are using a Safe PST Backup configuration file, please specify the path to the OST file to back up. Read the Administrative Guide for more details.

Safe PST Backup will back up only the user’s personal Exchange folders. They will be saved to the native Microsoft Outlook PST file format.

Convert OST to PST

To convert the OST file, just specify the file to back up from the Safe PST Backup Options (or configuration file) and start the backup. After the backup is finished, you can find the PST file in the backup directory.

7. Restore Outlook from the backup copy created with Safe PST Backup

More videos:

*This feature is only available with the Enterprise Edition. Learn more here.

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