Schedule and save full backups using Safe PST Backup

Save full backups and create multiple restore points for your Outlook data.

Safe PST Backup Enterprise lets you create new backups of your Outlook data while keeping the previous backup files as well. This type of backup process, called a history backup or full backup, can ensure multiple restore points for your Outlook data.
If the option is selected, history backups will run automatically in the background according to their own scheduling settings. This means that you can use Safe PST Backup to perform regular backups automatically, according to the schedule set in the options window, and now you can also automatically save your backup files as well according to another schedule.
This feature of Safe PST Backup Enterprise gives you greater flexibility in managing the automatic backup processes for Microsoft Outlook, while ensuring an even higher degree of safety for your important Outlook data.

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Save full backups and keep previous backup files

Scheduling history backups

When the option to create history backups and keep previous backup files is selected, the schedule for this type of backup process will be separate from the schedule of regular backups.

You can schedule full backups to be created either daily, weekly or monthly or every few days, weeks or months. You can also specify the exact time when the backup process should start.

  • If you choose to create full backups daily, you can do so up to 3 times per day. It is also possible to create full backups only once every few days, and you can set the exact number of days between backups according to your preferences.
  • The weekly schedule lets you choose between creating history backups every week or every few weeks. You can also choose the exact days of the week when the backup process should take place as well as up to 3 start times per day.
  • The monthly backup option lets you specify the day of the month when the backup should take place and the exact hour to start backing up your Outlook data.
    With a wide range of choices for scheduling history backups you can select the most convenient options for your needs and Safe PST Backup will do the rest to keep your Outlook files safe at all times.

Schedule history backups

Set automatic backup retention options

Safe PST Backup lets you select the automatic backup retention settings that work out best for you. In this way you can ensure that all your Outlook data is safe, while making sure that the backup files created use only as much disk space as you allocate for them. Also you can choose to keep only a specific number of backup files in order to avoid having to delete old backup files manually.
By setting the automatic backup retention options according to your preferences, you can get the right balance between keeping Outlook data safe and using the right amount of disk space.

Set automatic backup retention options
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