Why Enterprise Edition and Admin Tool - your solution for Microsoft Outlook data backup, migration and archiving?

Safe PST Backup Enterprise + Administration Tool could be a perfect fit for your PST and OST file backup, mail archive or data migration project.

Safe PST Backup Enterprise, as well as the Administration Tool, can be additionally customized according to your corporate needs. To be able to define, what customization level is required, we need to know more details of the business network structure, in order, to understand the requirements and the specifics of deployment scenario, to make sure - we can make it work.

Safe PST Backup - a leading Microsoft Outlook backup solution and the only one in the entire market with wide customization capabilities for large corporate networks and ability to back up PST and OST files even when Microsoft Outlook is open.

Tested on 2,000 workstations within multiple networks, Safe PST Backup fits any type of business, whether it is a small enterprise or a large globally distributed company.

Key Safe PST Backup Enterprise features and benefits include:

Easy Deployment and Centralized Management.

Simply deploy Safe PST Backup Enterprise Edition on every workstation across your corporate network, using MSI files. For real-time monitoring and management of the backup process on multiple workstations, use Administration tool*, a convenient time-saving tool for System Administrators. (Learn more).

*Please note: Every single Enterprise Edition license of Safe PST Backup requires a separate Admin tool license. Admin tool is sold in batches of 5: 100 computers – 100 licenses, 97 computers – 100 licenses.

Back up Outlook PST files whether Microsoft Outlook is running or not.

Safe PST Backup accesses Microsoft Outlook data via MAPI directly and backs up the latest changes whether Outlook is open or closed, without any interruptions to users’ work (e. g. without opening or starting Outlook in the background). Create data backup even when Outlook is in use and archive or migrate it to another workstation with all the latest changes, reducing the risk of any of your data loss.

Fast, incremental backup.

Safe PST Backup uses the “smart” incremental backup model and backs up Outlook items that have been recently changed or are new since the last backup. Incremental backups require less storage space and are quicker to perform, significantly reducing backup space on a network, transfer time (from hours to a couple of minutes) and network traffic load. This helps to archive large data files more efficiently.

Data backup to multiple locations.

Back up Microsoft Outlook PST and Exchange OST files to your enterprise workstations’ local drive or Network located backup storage automatically. Safe PST Backup can locate and back up local PST files to multiple selected locations (network shares and file servers) simultaneously from a single workstation. Assign different location/server on your network to store PST files of different PC users, as well as, any data of Outlook migration or an archived project.

An option to hide client UI completely.

The software allows to hide Safe PST Backup interface from selected end users completely. System Administrator is able to specify UI notifications that have to be hidden or shown up (e. g. to show software notification before the backup starts with available option to postpone it).

Auto-detection of connection type (WAN, WIFI) and speed.

The latest version of Safe PST Backup Enterprise tests the connection before each backup and identifies its type and speed. If the connection is too slow, the backup process can take hours or even days. In case the connection is not fast enough, the user will receive notification and will be able to choose appropriate actions (to skip or continue it) and avoid time-consuming data backup or archiving process.

Software localization into the language of your choice.

Our regular products support multi-language versions. A custom solution can be implemented with a user interface in the language of customer’s choice.

On-site support.

The on-site support option is available for our customers. 4Team technicians, located in USA and Europe, can visit your workplace and help you to resolve issues, which are difficult to address remotely, deploy our software/customized solution, provide training or other IT services.

See more available features.

- It is easily programmable (scripted) and deployable with config files for each backup “agent”;
- It can be used on orphaned PST files;
- It supports a shadow copy service to speed up the first backup;
- It can support cloud services;
- Automatic license activation. We can optimize it for the customer’s case;
- The software code can be deposited to the third party software escrow service;
- We offer the Network PST File Viewer* software with Microsoft Outlook-like UI, with search and import/export functionality to access the backed up PST files’ data located on proposed Central Repository, file servers and on the on-premises Cloud. This software can help find, preview and export backed up information, or even reply/forward email messages without the need to download the whole pst file;
- We can provide you with references from large Fortune 500 companies (upon request);
- We provide full refund (including any customizations) during 90 days after solution delivery.

Please check out more about Safe PST Backup Customization and do not hesitate to reach us via Live Chat or Email. We are always ready to consult you regarding a custom solution that will suit your organization.

Custom Microsoft Outlook and Exchange backup solution for your business.

Since 1999, 4Team Corporation has developed and supported various Microsoft Outlook and Exchange data backup customizations to a diverse range of Fortune 500 and other companies: from governmental, military and educational institutions to communication, IT consulting firms, financial institutions, investors and other businesses from all over the globe.

Solutions, delivered worldwide to various size of enterprises include:

- Scheduled backup to run at specified time intervals;
- Silent auto-activation of multiple Safe PST Backup licenses;
- PST files backup to specified multiple locations;
- Backup with PST splitting/merging/viewing feature;
- Software auto-activation in offline mode;
- Custom solutions delivered always on time to end-users;
- Windows domain rules and group policy support;
- AES 256 bit security to protect your Outlook backup from unauthorized access.
See more case studies.

Our software developers will design a unique solution to meet the needs of each enterprise and to fulfill client expectations. With years of expertise in developing, integrating and deploying custom solutions for Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office, 4Team professionals are highly qualified to deliver efficient software and support services upon your request.

How It Works?

Each Microsoft Outlook data backup customization request requires a special attention to the specifics of client business, in order, to fulfill their essential requirements.
The process of developing a customized backup solution is divided into several stages. The following description below will give a quick overview to help you to understand, how it works.

1. Questionnaire.

Enterprise-level data backup customization starts with filling out a questionnaire and providing us with your business network details and requirements that we have to follow for your data backup customization. Enter your preferences here (it takes no longer than 15 min) and let us know what kind of solution you are looking for.

2. Determining your needs and requirements.

Once the questionnaire is received, our team of experienced developers and project managers will analyse all the data and provide a response/quote with customization details (price, timeframe etc.) within 2 business days.

3. Designing the solution.

After we receive the final details and requirements for data backup customization, our developers will start designing the solution. The process usually takes from 2 days to 30 days, depending on the customization level.

4. Testing.

Free software licences will be provided for testing (including the Admin Tool) on every stage of solution development, in order, to make sure that no issues will come up, and if they do - we fix them immediately. There are no time limits for the testing stage.

5. Deployment.

4Team Corporation UK technical support team will deploy our software or customized solution to all the workstations on your network. The solution can be deployed to the entire environment without user interaction, from the Admin workstation using MSI files, remotely or by using on-site support option.

7. Maintenance.

Once the software is deployed, the 4Team certified technical support team will deliver maintenance and technical support services remotely (via e-mail or Live Chat) or on site.
In order to reach the desired result, we are ready to work together until the final result will satisfy the customer’s needs in full.

After the new software version/update is released, the software upgrade will be delivered with all customized features at no additional cost.

Service at your time and on your schedule:

To ensure a smooth solution development process, each project has an assigned team, consisted of developers, support representatives, managers and analysts, to assist you directly. Located in USA and Europe, our team members will monitor ongoing project process and provide you prompt assistance and support services at any time convenient to you. Depending on the project size, we can organize support on the premises.

Learn More:

Here is some additional information about Safe PST Backup:
- Safe PST Backup PowerPoint presentation
- Administration tool demo video
-Administrator Guide

Why our customers choose Safe PST Backup.

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